Our Story...

PCP Ammunition Company is an ammunition producer born from the need to bring lightweight ammunition to our Warfighters. We are a small company that brings unique engineering expertise together with decades of firearms and ammunition development experience. Our development process began by a thorough review of previous attempts at lightweight cases and their various successes and failures. By identifying key attributes that causes or solved certain failure modes, we were able to design a unique case that utilizes high performance polymers that could be integrated with a metal head that is able to handle the extreme pressures and violent actions of the most demanding firearms. Through our development and testing, we discovered that not only had we cracked the code for polymer cased ammunition production, but that our ammunition offered increased accuracy over brass cases. The accuracy benefit surprised us and opened new avenues for us to explore while working to meet all the military requirements for ammunition to be fielded. PCP Ammunition Company utilizes industry leading technologies for testing including Oehler Ballistic Lab hardware and software, piezoelectric pressure transducers, and Savage range systems. We have QA equipment that measures cartridge dimensions and concentricity to .0005”, bullet extraction force, waterproofing test equipment, and temperature sensitivity from -40⁰F to +165⁰F. Since PCP Ammo was starting from the ground up, we had the unique opportunity to do an industry survey of the best production equipment and processes available. We combined high-end linear loading with a custom automated bullet and primer sealing system to get a hands-off loading system eliminating human induced production issues. Each and every round produced by PCP Ammo is then inspected using a variation of the US Army’s ATACs cartridge inspection system that utilizes dozens of cameras and lasers to verify all critical dimensions, concentricity, and proper bullet and primer sealing prior to packaging. This approach gives a new level of Quality Assurance to ammunition production that is unmatched in the industry. Our ammunition performance has been tested and validated by various shooters within the USSOCOM group with users repeatedly finding that our ammunition out shoots the military equivalent loads. Third party labs have verified velocity and pressures to be safe and meet SAAMI spec. All said, PCP Ammunition’s polymer cases are a revolutionary change to ammunition that will set new performance standards for match grade factory ammo as well as machine gun ammunition.

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