Frequently Asked Questions

There are no special requirements for storing your polymer ammunition.  It should be stored in accordance with good standard practices for any ammunition avoiding humid or damp locations and avoiding high heat.

We do not recommend reloading our cases.  The capacity of our case is different than standard brass cases which can result in unsafe chamber pressures if loaded using standard reloading guidelines.  Though our capacity is slightly reduced from that of brass, the efficiency of our cases allows us to maintain SAAMI spec for velocity at safe chamber pressures.

While PCP Ammunition is not currently selling our polymer ammunition product to the commercial market we encourage Dealers and Distributor's to call our office and discuss becoming a wholesale or retail channel partner with our sales staff in the future.  We appreciate your interest in our technology.

PCP Ammunition does not currently produce polymer cased pistol ammunition.  Though there is a large market for pistol ammunition, we are focusing our efforts on premium rifle cartridges at this point.

Do not utilize PCP Ammunition polymer cased ammunition products in firearms with fluted chambers.

Extreme Cold - The commercial grade ammunition available on this website should not be used below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our military version works in colder temperatures, but that is not currently available for sale to the public.

Extreme Heat - Though polymers do melt at much lower temperatures than brass, our cases generally do not see temperatures anywhere near the melting point of the polymer. Our polymer cases reduce heat transfer to and from the chamber, but they will still cook-off much like brass cartridges.  Therefore in closed bolt guns such as ARs, the round will cook-off and cycle the weapon before the cartridge has been exposed to extremely high temperatures for an extended time.  In open bolt guns such as belt felt machine guns, the cartridge is not exposed to the chamber for more than a few milliseconds while firing.

Retail pricing is commensurate with other high quality premium rifle ammunition.

PCP Ammunition is dedicated to providing unmatched customer service.  If your are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will either replace your product or offer a refund. Please fill out and email the return authorization form, so that we may determine the problem and we will work diligently to make sure you are happy.

As our development and testing is completed, PCP will release new calibers utilizing our patented polymer case design.

If you have a suggestion for a new caliber, please feel free to email us your suggestion.

PCP Ammunition has been under multiple US Department of Defense contracts as well as several foreign military contracts.  The interest in our technology from government entities has shifted our focus to perfecting our product to meet the rigorous specifications of our military customers.

In consideration of that PCP Ammunition does plan to release our polymer ammunition products to the commercial market at some point in the future.  If you are interested in learning more about the commercial availability of PCP Ammunition products please fill out the form below